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Mr Tim. Olmstead is angel for us. God send him to help us. we are new in united states, we stuck with the wrong and lier woman. She just Marry to my brother just to get the citizenship.After 3 months, when the woman got her green card, She scratches herself and called the police and put wrong allegations on my brother. she do 2 cases on my brother, But Mr olmstead proves the truth in the… (Read More)

I have been a client of both Mr. and Mrs. Olmstead since 2010. I have received the help with all my cases throughout the years dealing with Custody/Visitation/Support for my child. I receive honest feedback and guidance through the entire process which can delay in the Virginia Courts. The last 7 years I have been assisted with my cases with urgency, honesty, and determination from the… (Read More)

I don’t know if it will ever be possible to express my gratitude and appreciation in sufficient words to show my faith and eternal thanks to the Law Office of Olmstead & Olmstead. Mrs. Wilson and the partners were brilliant, well-educated and dedicated defense attorneys. I was charged with felony theft greater than $200.00 and was facing up to thirty years in prison if found guilty for a crime that… (Read More)

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