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How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

On a brisk November day in 2005, Gloria Aguilar made her way home from her house cleaning job. It was a routine day for her. She was two blocks from her home.

As the mother of 3 stood at the corner of 50th St and 10th Ave in the comely city of New York, the thought of her being seconds away from authentic catastrophe never crossed her mind.

The luminous walking signal encouraged Gloria it was safe to cross the street. Without warning, a New York City Transit bus turning off 10th Ave failed to see her. She was struck by this bus…. losing her right leg and altering her life forever.

Gloria’s horrific experience is one of the millions of stories, perpetuating people into their need to learn how to choose a personal injury lawyer.

This article will offer you insight into what you need to do if you’re ever faced with this difficult decision. 

What is a Personal Injry Lawyer?

Let’s be honest, it would be nice if we never had to worry about needing a personal injury lawyer… but that’s not the reality.

It’s better to be prepared. And to know where to start. 

A personal lawyer provides services and representation to clients who claim to have been injured physically or psychologically by a negligent party. Some examples of a negligent party include:

  • Another person
  • Business
  • Government Agency 

This is a shortlist. If you want to learn more Olmstead & Olmstead, P.C consultations are free. Get the advantage and can speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Now that you’re privy to a personal injury lawyer’s focus, let’s stay on track. The next step in learning how to choose a personal injury lawyer is knowing when you need one!

When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Have you been injured from the negligence of another party?

You may feel it’s no big deal at first. Society sometimes says to be tough when we get hurt. That is terrible advice and can cause infuriating regret if that is the path you take. 

Here are 3 red flags showing when you need a personal injury attorney:

  • When your chronic pain or thoughts prevent you from performing your daily tasks and begin to impede on your quality of life. 
  • Feeling overwhelmed with paperwork, claims for insurance, or medical bills originating from your injury.  
  • When your family’s finances plummet, and you are trying to stay afloat because of the drowning costs of medical expenses, lost wages and more. 

These are good indicators it’s time to get a personal injury lawyer involved.

Deep down we all dread the tough choices. However, understanding how to approach a problem can ease your mind, during a time when that’s exactly what you need. 

Now that you made it this far and we are putting your mind at ease. Let’s explore the best ways to choose a personal injury lawyer. 

How do You Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer?

When you’re hurt depression can sideline you for weeks. Even trying to make a phone call is tough. You’re not alone.  So, how do you begin, when you’re cradling this delicate matter? For starters, It’s appropriate to act quickly but also intelligently. 

Acting quickly is not intended to be a fire alarm expression. It means there is a window of opportunity. In some cases, you only have a few months to file your lawsuit.   

Let’s get started by listing out some tips:


It’s important to have your own requirements for the type of personal injury lawyer you want representing you.  Have your own personal and professional standards. Having the type of reputation and qualifications you want will make it easier to decide if they are a good fit for you. 

Ask Those Close to You:

Referrals are excellent because you already know one person who had a good experience. Your friends and family are excellent starting points.

Reaching out to the community or respected figures in the community can also lead you in the right direction. Olmstead & Olmstead, P.C is a trusted figure in the community, with a history of success and putting their clients first. They are experienced in a myriad of personal injury cases. Reach them at (703) 361-1555. 

Do You Know The Fees? 

Make sure you have exhausted all your questions, especially about fees before you sign anything. You want a personal injury lawyer who is transparent and upfront with you. This is a life-altering commitment, always get your fee agreement in writing. 

You need to make sure you can explain how the fees work to someone else it’s your job to understand it. You want a law firm that is patient with you and makes sure you understand everything before you move forward. Never compromise on trust.  

Are they trained to handle a case like yours? 

Will they accept your case?

Leave no stone unturned. 

Should You Go Online?

Go online to do research. Reviews and testimonials really help you get a feel for the law firm. Facebook might be a good resource also. More importantly,  make sure the lawyer is in good standing with the local bar association.  Check for highlighted incidents or sanctions against your lawyer in the practicing state. You should also make sure your attorney is licensed in the state your accident happened. And has no minatory​ claims. 

Learning how to single out a personal injury lawyer may seem like a lot of work. But it’s simple when you follow these tips.


Your life depends on it. Your healthcare depends on it, your housing depends on it,  and your family’s well being depends on it. Those sound like really important reasons to follow these tips.

Leading us into the last Tip.

What’s your heart telling you?

Don’t be shocked if you aren’t sure what personal injury lawyer to pick at first. Going online and looking up reviews and results is important. 

But, so is speaking with the lawyer, and getting a feel for them and the office. Your feelings are important, it’s necessary to feel good about your choice. Don’t let the big numbers blind you. Focus on what matters to you. 

You must pick a personal injury lawyer that cares about you and your well being. You should feel that when you talk with them. That’s important before signing a contract.

The Promised Land  

Facing a terrible injury is terrifying and knowing where to turn can be intimidating. Olmstead & Olmstead, P.C are Virginia attorneys that understand how this can be confusing. They feel you should be compensated for your injuries. 

Specializing in building relationships, and all-important laws in Virginia, the decades of experience allows their case results to speak for themselves. 

Today you have learned how to choose a personal injury lawyer, how they can help and when to start looking for one. 

Don’t take this lightly.

Sometimes you have to put in the work, making sure you preserve your future. Let Olmstead & Olmstead, P.C help take your life back and make learning how to choose a personal injury lawyer worth its weight in victory.  

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