Delivery Driver Accidents

Common Causes of Delivery Vehicle Accidents

Delivery vehicles play an integral part of life in Manassas and the surrounding areas, making it easy to get everything from prescription medications and clothing to ready-to-eat food and household supplies. Delivery drivers are expected to meet high safe driving standards, and most do. But when they drop the ball, disaster may follow. The uptick of delivery drivers on Virginia roads brings with it an increase in accidents, and it’s important to know how to handle these collisions and protect yourself.

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Distracted Driving

No one is immune to the draw of distracted driving, even those who drive professionally for a living. The lure of distractions is always present, from cell phones and tablets to infotainment systems and snacks. Additionally, the very nature of delivery work may be distracting; if drivers are required to check addresses and routes on a constant basis, that is incredibly distracting. It also adds up to a lot of time looking away from the road. It’s important for companies that utilize delivery drivers to make it easy for those drivers to figure out where they’re going without looking away from the road. Furthermore, they should also have strict policies preventing drivers from engaging in distracted driving.

Limited Training and Supervision

This is an especially significant risk when the demand for delivery drivers is high. When the demand for drivers exceeds the amount of drivers available, companies have to hustle to get drivers on routes as quickly as possible. That may mean taking shortcuts in training and overlooking errors or issues that they’d typically call out. Unfortunately, cutting corners in this way leads to an increase in accidents. It’s important for companies to find ways to make their deadlines without cutting back on training and supervision. This may mean implementing hiring bonuses or increasing pay rates. Companies don’t like expensive solutions like this, but accidents aren’t exactly inexpensive either.

Vehicle Issues

Vehicles used for deliveries are under a lot of stress. They put on a lot more mileage than vehicles used exclusively for personal driving, and the nature of delivery driving is also different. Delivery drivers make frequent stops, which puts a lot of wear and tear on cars. It’s normal, then, for cars to suffer performance issues. If drivers or employers don’t notice these issues and set up repairs right away, they can worsen until they lead to a crash. Companies that hire delivery drivers should have strict inspection schedules and routines that allow them to catch issues before they become dangerous enough to cause car accidents.

Long Hours and Fatigued Drivers

People rarely think about the mental and physical demands of being a delivery driver. You often work long hours, putting in upwards of 10 hours on busy days. You’re constantly getting in and out of your car, often navigating parking options and one-way roads that can complicate trips. When you reach your destination, you may have to carry heavy items to their final destination. Furthermore, the job can be monotonous. Even if you’re driving to different places throughout the day, the task itself remains the same. That takes a toll on your ability to concentrate and remain vigilant while driving.

When drivers become fatigued and mentally drained by their work, the likelihood of a crash increases dramatically. Fatigue makes it harder to make smart decisions, concentrate on your surroundings, and react quickly to obstacles. It also makes you more prone to microsleeps, brief periods of sleep lasting a few seconds or less. When a microsleep coincides with an obstacle on the road or a red light, severe accidents often follow.

Companies must be careful about overloading their drivers. They should also leave enough time on drivers’ routes that they can pull over for a short walk or drink if they need to perk up.

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